Which one of these is a quesadilla maker?


 If you said “A”, you’re a moron. But don’t feel bad.
I was a moron once, too.

A few years ago, while looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife, I happened upon a great deal on the above pictured “A”.  Over strong objections from my daughter, I purchased said item “A” and presented it to my lovely spouse.  She thought I was out of my mind and I reluctantly returned “A” for a refund. 


But I always thought, deep down inside, that “A” was the bomb.  I mean, a machine the makes quesadillas!  So recently I purchased a brand new “A” at the store.  OK, it was a thrift store but is was brand new.  Well, I thought it was brand new but when I took it out of the box I found it was indeed used.  So I actually bought a used quesadilla maker at the thrift store.

But I had it! 

That night I offered to prepare my wife a quesadilla.  So I cleaned my disappointingly used quesadilla maker and turned it on.  (I did have to go on-line to find the instructions as my new/used quesadilla maker was lacking those)  It has two lights, neither of which tells you when the quesadilla is done.  You have to time it – which was already way more work than I wanted to do.

So I put cheese between two tortillas, closed the lid and waited 4 minutes.  When I opened the lid, there was a perfectly brown tortilla staring back at me.  It looked great!  Unfortunately, it was surrounded by a lot of the cheese that had oozed out of the tortillas.  Actually is was surrounded by all the cheese I had put in the tortillas.  So I gave it to my wife and she said something snappy like,
“Isn’t there supposed to be cheese in a cheese quesadilla?”

I then took my brand new used quesadilla maker, put it back in the box (that looked new) and went out to the garbage can and threw it away. 

I was a moron.

I mean, the thing is called the Santa Fe quesadilla maker but it sure wasn’t made in Santa Fe and I doubt that anyone who lives in New Mexico would be stupid enough to buy one.

It’s made in China – like everything else. 

I can imagine the conversation between two Chinese guys building quesadilla makers:

Guy 1: What’s a quesadilla?

Guy 2: It’s two tortillas filled with cheese and other stuff.

Guy 1: What’s a tortilla?

Guy 2:  It’s a thin round of unleavened bread made of cornmeal or wheat flour usually eaten hot with a topping of . . . 

(Guy 1 is no longer paying attention as he is busy checking out the new girl assembling George Foreman grills two rows over.)

“B” is a quesadilla maker, by the way.

5 Responses

  1. You know, I didn't know how to make quesadillas until I was like 19? Whenever we had burrito night, I was the only one that would eat a quesadilla and so mom would just have me nuke it in the microwave.I always wondered how Mexican restaurants made them so delicious. I can't remember if I was living with Kim or Susan but one of them made a quesadilla on the stove and it was like THE STOVE! All that time, wasted.

  2. This story is only lacking one important fact.The new-used quesadilla maker at the thrift store cost $13. The new quesadilla maker at Target (the one that got took back) cost $20.$13 is a lot of money to throw in the garbage can.But, hey, lesson learned. At least, I hope!!! ~_~

  3. It was only $12.99, thank you.Are you that Amish girl? Don't you have some butter to churn or something?

  4. I saw on the news that somewhere in the south they are making chopsticks to send over to China.

  5. I saw that too. I guess wood costs too much in ChinaI can picture the conversation between two guys in Alabama making chop sticks:Guy #1: What are we making?Guy #2: Chop sticks.Guy #1: What's a chop stick?Guy #2: It is an eating utensil used in many Asian cultures to…(Guy #1 is no longer paying attention as he is busy cleaning his ear with a chop stick)

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