There are zombies. 

They are real.

They are among us.

Your boss may be a zombie.  Your mailman may be a zombie.  Your congressman is most definitely a zombie.

And, worst of all, one of your children may be a zombie!!!!

For, alas, I fear my youngest daughter may be a zombie, or, at the very least, a daywalker.

Every year all the zombies in the United States gather in my hometown, Portland Oregon, and march en mass (that’s a French term) through the streets.  They walk at night on the very same streets in this fair city that you and I tread!  OK, I very seldom go downtown because of the over abundance of daywalkers and gingers, but some of you may actually tread on those streets.

Oh, the humanity!
It’s horrible!

Here’s the one that I fear most:
And here’s a picture of a leg:

That’s all.


10 Responses

  1. OMYGOSH! Gingers. Hilarious. Nice use of the gummy bear picture. I still have a scar on my leg from the stupid bed.

  2. Hey, you blogged. You are much better at this than I am!!

  3. I'm speechless.

  4. From you, Mona, I take that as high praise.

  5. This is the most comments I ever gotten on one of my blogs. 5 people so far! Wow!OK, I know 2 of those people are me but it's still pretty darned impressive!

  6. Now there's 6!

  7. Now there is 7! This could go on forever!!

  8. I got 34 page hits from your page.

  9. I finally commented but nobody responds to my comments. I feel left out. 😦

  10. Hey Christy!Now there's 10.

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