Since the world is spinning, why isn’t it windy all the time?

Do we really need pennies anymore?

Since they always seem find new dinosaur bones, shouldn’t you hit like a dead buffalo or something anytime you did a hole?

Why do Big Macs come in a box?

Did they eat the pig that starred in the movie “Babe”?

Why doesn’t your carpet wear out as fast as your shoes?

When you suddenly get a stabbing pain somewhere in your body that just as quickly goes away, do you ever think, “What just happened?”

Why are our ears so oddly shaped?

When will there be enough 5 gallon buckets so they can stop making them?

Do we really need so many different kinds of apples?

When you get your oil changed, why does that jerk need to tell you everything that’s wrong with your car?

What’s up with Charlie Sheen?


3 Responses

  1. Did you seriously just type these up? Or has this been an ongoing list?

  2. Ha! Very funny.

  3. These are great. The stabbing pain one is SOOO TRUE!! I really should come to your blog more often. It makes me laugh.

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