I have tried for many years to figure out exactly what is the perfect food.

I used to think it was chili but have come to the conclusion that chili is just too darned complicated to prepare. You have to open a can and all that. Then there are things that need to be washed afterwards, like a pot and a bowl and a spoon and your shirt.

I have finally come to the conclusion that the perfect food is burritos. I’m not talking about Taco Bell burritos – which are delicious – but those wonderful frozen burritos. Taco Bell burritos are way too much work. You have to get out of your chair, walk all the way to the car, drive there, place your order, pull up to the window, etc, etc. It just goes on and on.

With frozen burritos, all you do is pop them in the microwave and wait until the filling starts to ooze out of the side. Since you just grab it and eat it, there are no dishes to contend with. If you really think you need a plate, just use that glass one in the microwave.

You get 8 burritos for about 3 bucks and they contain everything in that FDA food pyramid thing – except for fruit and vegetables. A great side dish with frozen burritos is a bag of tortilla chips. Doing that you get your vegetable group!

You can even wash it all down with a can of grape soda it you’re a health nut or something.

Frozen burritos. The perfect food!

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  1. I have eaten those for lunch AND dinner this week!

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