This has been a question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time.  The simple answer is that you take a magnet and put it near something with iron in it and – Hey, Presto! – it works.

Well, that’s not really how they work.  OK, so I guess that is how they work so the better question is why they work.  This has been a question that I have also been pondering for many years, and now, with access to all of the great minds in the world – thanks to the Internet – I can answer that age old question.
Here’s how magnets work:

All objects contain atoms, and these atoms contain electrons that move around in orbits with a certain spin. The movement of any electron in this manner creates a tiny magnetic field. However, most electrons in atoms exist in pairs. Atoms of magnetic materials contain unpaired electrons with the same spin. If a material has enough unpaired electrons with the same spin–such as the four unpaired electrons in an atom of Fe (iron)–and doesn’t contain any unpaired electrons with opposite spin, the net movement of electrons in one direction will create a magnetic field.

This principle can be clearly shown in the following illustration:

So there you go.
Yeah, that’s right.  All the great minds of the world can come up with nothing more than a bunch of meaningless words strung together and a stoopid picture that explains absolutely nothing about how magnets work!
  These people are all overpaid morons!
Typical Magnetism Scientists

Here’s how magnets really work:
It’s magic!
Editors note:
No animals were injured during the making of this blog.
(Except possibly that rabbit there)

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