Many of my loyal readers were upset about the complexity of yesterday’s activity. They expressed that they felt it was far to complex. Actually, what they said was, “Pussle wey to hard”.

With that in mind, I have simplified the activity for those loyal readers.




I wanted to come up with an activity my average reader would enjoy so I came up with this!

The finished picture should look something like this:
Did you know I blog everyday?


10 Greatest Movies of All Time

I decided to do a list of the 10 greatest movies of all time. Not just because lists are easy to do but also because it’s easy to do lists.

1) Rocky


2) Rocky II

 3) Rocky III

4) Rocky IV

5) Rocky V


6) Rocky VI

7) Jaws

8) Jaws 2

9) Jaws 3


10) Ella Enchanted

Yep.  Kinda sad, isn’t it?


Editors note: 
This article first appeared in the blog “Desert Blade” in 2008
(Yeah, that’s right, it’s a repeat!)

The way I look at it, there are two types of people – the ones who eat too much and the ones who don’t. We’re a lot like cars.

Except cars don’t get fat.

Consider it: When you go fill your car with gasoline does it say, “Hey, I know I’m full but could you please put a couple extra cans in the trunk”? Nope. And just why not? I mean, basically, cars and people use fuel the same way – the fuel goes in, it’s converted to energy, we move around a little bit and ultimately spew forth toxic waste. Heck, it’s just chemistry.

But suppose cars were more like people. Running down to the gas station even if their tanks are already topped off. Sneaking a little Coleman fuel while watching the NASCAR on TV. Popping a few cans of STP on the weekend. Would they chunk up? Would they say things like: “Wow, Impala really let herself go” or “Man, have you seen the size of the fenders on Escort lately?”

Oh sure, there would still be the Mercedes who would just have a few sips of bio-diesel then push themselves away from the pump. (I HATE cars like that!) And the Porsche who could fill up all the bloody time and never seem to get fat (“Geez, that Coupe sucks down fuel like a truck but still has great bumpers!”)

Me, I’m like a station wagon or a mini van. I know that the sports car crowd is not impressed but I can still say:
“Holy Cow! Did you see the size of that bus?!!?”


There once was a man from Toledo
Who was bit by a giant mosquito
His eyes, they turned red
and soon he was dead
And was buried in his black tuxedo
I think the pictures lighten it up a bit!


This has been a question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time.  The simple answer is that you take a magnet and put it near something with iron in it and – Hey, Presto! – it works.

Well, that’s not really how they work.  OK, so I guess that is how they work so the better question is why they work.  This has been a question that I have also been pondering for many years, and now, with access to all of the great minds in the world – thanks to the Internet – I can answer that age old question.
Here’s how magnets work:

All objects contain atoms, and these atoms contain electrons that move around in orbits with a certain spin. The movement of any electron in this manner creates a tiny magnetic field. However, most electrons in atoms exist in pairs. Atoms of magnetic materials contain unpaired electrons with the same spin. If a material has enough unpaired electrons with the same spin–such as the four unpaired electrons in an atom of Fe (iron)–and doesn’t contain any unpaired electrons with opposite spin, the net movement of electrons in one direction will create a magnetic field.

This principle can be clearly shown in the following illustration:

So there you go.
Yeah, that’s right.  All the great minds of the world can come up with nothing more than a bunch of meaningless words strung together and a stoopid picture that explains absolutely nothing about how magnets work!
  These people are all overpaid morons!
Typical Magnetism Scientists

Here’s how magnets really work:
It’s magic!
Editors note:
No animals were injured during the making of this blog.
(Except possibly that rabbit there)